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View of Raton from Goat Hill.jpg

Re-photograph of a late 19th century view of Raton by the town's photographer W. A. White in OWU's collection of Antique Photographs (paw14a and paw14b)

Los Vegas Main Street.jpg

Downtown street scene. Right: hardware and liqueur store, post office, and other businesses. Left: cut off sign. Photograph mounted on card printed in red with line frame and, on left "Photo by J.N. FURLONG" and on right "Las Vegas, New Mexico."…

Settlement in the distance, small river/creek in foreground, eroded land features. Mounted on 16" x 20" plain grey board

MMChase Cattle Ranch.jpg

In the foreground, three women and children near a creek. Ranch with grazing cattle in the middle-ground, hills in the background, man on a horse in the bushes.

Palisades of the Cimarron.jpg

Steep cliff on the right and background, leading up to the cliff, 3/4 of the way, trees, then just rock

Rocky, steep area on left of image. Flat landscape of a permanent settlement. On the rocks: four men, two women, one small child, and one dog. Some are facing the valley, others are facing the camera. Has some damage to the sky area (rubbed).
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